Saturday, August 2, 2008

round the big red rock

After the sunrise experience Ness decided that we had to to the walk all the way round the rock. This is a 10 km stroll all the way around the circumference, so we set off just after 8 am. It was still chilly and there were lots of other people around, but after an hour or so we realised that nobody else was doing the complete circuit, so for an hour or so there was just us and the rock, and the sunshine.

Neither of us managed to take pictures which did justice to the sheer size of it, and at many parts photography is forbidden due to the sacred nature of the site, but the walk was fantastic.

So, was it worth all the effort of getting there? I think it was.

I am not a great believer in geographical features having a 'spirituality' any more than I think dolphins, polished crystals or whale song are spiritual, but I accept that today we were in a part of the world that is extraordinary in many ways, and not only because of the presence of a great big lump of sculptural red rock.

Tomorrow we are off to explore 'The Olgas' ( Kata Tjuta ) the clump of smaller rocks 53 km from Uluru. Again we will be up before dawn to sneak James dog into the park and take pictures. We are then off deep into the NT outback, and will be without internet access until we reach Alice Springs, so no updates for a week or so.

We will sign off until then, spiritually fulfilled, physically knackered

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