Thursday, August 14, 2008

devil's marbles

A point of interest north of Alice is the Devil's Marbles ( surprisingly another rock based feature). We tried incredibly hard to avoid taking comedic pictures of these interesting granite formations.........we failed.


Dina said...

I love the photos.

I think it would be impossible to resist taking photos like that.

And maybe also slightly immoral.

I think there's a law somewhere that says you must take funny photos.

I think it's actually in the Bible somewhere.

susie said...

Hi you two(and James dog).Looks like you're having a great time. We are getting more envious with every blog entry.
You have to take daggy funny photos or else it's Un-Australian. Oh Ness, I know how you felt about the Dog on the Tuckerbox, it just doesn't match up to childhood memories.sigh...
Are you up for house(farm)sitting in February?

Anonymous said...

How could anyone NOT take photos like that. You know me, I would have had to as well. Brilliant.

Looking forward to catching up with you when you reach Darwin, my mornings aren't the same without a game or 3.

Rona x