Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ormiston Gorge

Having lodged at a house called 'Ormiston' while in Mudgee we felt obligated to visit Ormiston Gorge. It is reported to be the most spectacular gorge in the Western MacDonnells, and is a part of the Larapinta Trail

We have been doing bite sized chunks of this 223 km trail for the last few days. The Gorge has a near permanent waterhole, red river gums, and blood red walls rising to 300m. It was a 7km circular walk up to the top of the ridge and then down the gorge, but the weather was perfect with a cooling wind and not overwhelmingly hot.

You can run out of superlatives very easily trying to describe the landsape, it was a stunning walk.

Ness ended the walk with a swim.

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