Monday, October 6, 2008

the day the music died ( reprise)

Oh the joys of being in a city again! Yesterday we shopped, restocking the van with water, food and wine. It is amazing how exciting a supermarket can be when you have spent weeks in the middle of nowhere and the icing on the cake was the purchase of a sparkly new ipod ( much cheaper here than in the UK). We have music again.

So the evening was spent listening to the last 2 weeks' episodes of 'The Archers' back to back. I feel our sad lifestyle is well suited to living in a Winnebago.

Geoffrey is booked in for a well overdue engine service this week so we are going to stay in Geraldton for a few more days.The free camp site is excellent, overlooking wheat fields and sheep paddocks, and as we have also stocked up on a pile of ex rental dvd's I think a brief interlude of relaxation before we move on to Perth will be highly enjoyable.

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