Tuesday, October 28, 2008

WA weather

For the last couple of days the storms have set in, and it is windy and wet especially on the coast. Our plans to take a whale watching cruise have been thwarted, although we did manage an hour on a boat looking at dolphins.

From trek phase 4

We have moved on to the Margaret River region the reasoning being that a fine thing to do when it is raining is visit vineyards. We should rename this blog 'alcohol and marine mammals' at this rate.

Vanessa did however insist that we take a detour from the coast to go to Dardanup where there is a roadside grotto which is home to over 1000 garden gnomes, complete with all the appalling gnome puns you could ever imagine....and then some. I rather liked the gnomo-sexuals, but thought that Assgnoma Bin Laden ( in a small cave ) was pushing it a bit!

I was reminded of my friend Jules ( now in Sydney ) and the time, many years ago,when we visited a gnome sanctuary in Devon which was equally dreadful and made worse by the eccentric lady who ran the place insisting that all visitors wore pixie hats. At least here headgear was discretionary.
We should have brought Norman, he is so alone in Mudgee.

From trek phase 4

It is supposedly a harbinger of bad luck if anyone should choose to destroy or steal a gnome, but I have to admit that when I saw the line-up below along the side of a small creek I recalled my mother's expression.....' the things you see when you haven't got a gun'. Target practice would have been so satisfying.

From trek phase 4

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