Tuesday, October 7, 2008


At the beach on the edge of town in Geraldton there is a tall pole with a battered wicker basket on top which was erected to encourage osprey.They are often sighted along the coastline but there are no trees or cliffs for them to nest.

From trek phase 4
It is a rare treat to see osprey in the UK, they were wiped out and have been reintroduced with nest sites heavily guarded by the RSPB, so it is incredible to see a female happily nesting with a large chick in an urban environment.

After a trip into town to shop and put Geoffrey through the car wash to remove his coating of red desert sand we took James dog for a run on the beach then sat and watched the male bird bringing fish to the nest to feed the family.

From trek phase 4

From trek phase 4

From trek phase 4


Anonymous said...

Great photos as usual but I never knew that James dog had lost a leg!


twosheilasandadog said...

poor james, if she loses another 3 limbs she will be a sea slug!