Sunday, December 7, 2008

back in mudgee

We have come full circle and are back in Mudgee- and it feels like home. The feet did not touch the ground before I was off to Sydney peddling premium Ormiston pork products at the Pyrmont market and Ness was back home at the ranch tending to the pigs in the proprietor's absence.

It is amazing how in the last 8 months the free range pig farm has escalated from a dream to a reality and a viable business proposition, and this week the article in Tuesday's Sydney Morning Herald transformed the demand at the Pyrmont market. People were clamouring to buy the produce, making the 4am start well worth the effort. In fact by 8am half the produce delivered by refrigerated van from Mudgee had sold out. By 10 am we had nothing left to sell and it was all PR and encouraging pre-orders for the next market in a month.

Read the article in the Sydney Morning Herald

It was such a pleasure spending time with customers who are on the same wavelength regarding animal welfare and very excited about the product. Being a salesperson when you are so wholeheartedly behind the ethics and methods involved in free range slowly reared local food was a doddle.

Also being back in Sydney was a joy.....although after 3 days it was a fantastic feeling to drive back west to the amazing scenery this side of the Blue Mountains.

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