Tuesday, December 2, 2008

the story of sturt's desert pea

From trek phase 4
Long, long ago, a pretty young girl fell in love with a handsome young warrior from a neighbouring tribe. Unfortunately she had been given in marriage to a mean, jealous old man. One night, having learned of her fate, she ran off with her warrior.

They were happy together living beside a lake of clear, sweet water.

One day the jealous old man found out where they were living. He gathered loyal members of his tribe to attack the people who had taken them in. Everyone living by the clear, sweet lake was killed.

Next season the jealous old man returned to gloat over his enemies' bleached bones. Instead, he found carpets of Sturt's desert pea. The petals were the colour of the blood that had been spilled, and each also had an ebony eye.

The jealous old man turned to flee, but the spirits were angry and a spear from a cloud above struck him down. The tears of the spirits fell into the lake, turning the sweet water salty and fragments of spear turned to pebbles along the shore.

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