Tuesday, December 23, 2008

festive ponderings

We have had a busy few days in Sydney socialising and catching up with friends- I think we spent too long alone together in the van and developed mild social agoraphobia because sitting at at table of 20 diners in a busy restaurant was almost overwhelming! Great to catch up though and the new pimpmobile made the trip with no dramas.

Back in Mudgee today helping with the last minute organisation as large numbers of Georgie's family descend. We are making ice cream and stocking up with wine, not a difficult assignment.The weather here is rather wet so fingers crossed for some sunshine tomorrow.

Obviously, after the Pope's Christmas message yesterday, we have no right to be taking part in this christian celebration. Good old Benedict XVI has pointed out that 'saving' humanity from homosexual or transsexual behaviour is as important as environmental issues such as saving the rain forests.

One is tempted to point out that our number of moral and social deviants on the whole refrain from breeding and are actively saving the planet from overpopulation thereby helping the rain forests somewhat more actively than a religion that condemns birth control. Benedict should shove his bigoted, hatred mongering views back up his pious frock. This sort of comment is shrouded with menace- history shows that such intolerance can insidiously lead to ethnic cleansing and holocaust.

My soapbox has now been shoved back into its closet....all that remains is to wish all of you:


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