Wednesday, December 17, 2008

....the run up to christmas

It has been a busy few days.I have been back at the Mudgee Vet hospital doing some honest graft and Ness has been child minding and farm work as at least there is some cash returning to the depleted bank balances.

On the home front the last week has been extremely stressful as my mother has been in hospital having aortic aneurysm surgery but thankfully she is back home and all appears to have gone well.I was persuaded by the family not to dash back to the UK but it was difficult dealing with the worry when so far away so working was a welcome distraction.

Off to Sydney at the weekend to catch up with friends then we will return to Mudgee on Christmas Eve for the festivities. The pig farmers are being sticklers for tradition ( UK style ) so the organic free range turkey has been ordered and should be amazing with Ormiston festive chestnut chipolatas.

Only problem is when/where/how we will fit in our Christmas shopping. Some things never change.

At the weekend Em was a Christmas tree at the local dance class annual cute is she?

From trek phase 4

From trek phase 4

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Lovely's Blot said...

Sorry about your mum. Hope she makes a good recovery. Have a great Christmas