Wednesday, December 10, 2008

second hand car dealers and estate agents

We have spent the last 2 days looking at second hand cars. It looks like we are going to be here for a few months and decided that Geoffrey needs a well earned rest in the orchard, so we went in search of a 4WD or a ute. I do not think you can truly call yourself Australian without owning a ute, it is yet another rite of passage.

Choice in Mudgee is limited, and we are the impatient types who, once a potential acquisition decision has been made, want in NOW. A Toyota Hilux ute was on the shortlist but we have been old farts and stuck with what we know so the Toyota RAV 4 will be collected on Friday. It is a splendid machine in shiny, window tinted black and looks like it would be ideal for filling the glove box with crystal meth or loading up the rifle for a little light drive-by shooting. We are the proud owners of a pimpmobile.

We have also snuck into a few real estate agents and collected information on several inappropriate over-budget houses in the area so we are now being bombarded with calls from agents desperate to sell to innocents from overseas who may not have noticed that we are on the brink of an overwhelming global recession.

Why is it that after a day spent in the company of car salesmen and real estate agents you feel a strong urge to dash home and scrub yourself clean?

Meanwhile I have signed up for some locum work at the lovely local practice, so I will be back in harness on Friday which will feel extremely peculiar.


Anonymous said...

Back in the harness rather sooner than expected eh! Good,about time you did some work rofl.

twosheilasandadog said...

OK for you to say- retired old cowbag!

Anonymous said...

Tut Tut, jealousy makes you nasty.