Monday, September 1, 2008

arnhem land continued

So we arrived at base camp adeptly chauffeured along the corrugated dirt roads by the lovely Alan ( 'just because I like flowers doesn't mean I am gay'). His knowledge of the native flora and fauna was widespread, and he knew a lot about termite mounds as well.

Those Toyota Land Cruisers really can handle the terrain well, and we chose to ignore Al's tales of driving into trees and jack-knifing the trailer on past tours.

Camp was basic but comfortable, and we learned a great deal about crocodiles, bush craft and bush tucker from Brendan, including how to suck red wine through a Tim Tam ( a chocolate coated cream biscuit similar to a Penguin) by biting off the opposing corners. Essential for survival in these harsh environs.

From trek phase 3

From trek phase 3
Vanessa managed several dips in the ocean while the more sensible members of the group looked out for crocs and I cursed the cancellation of our cross-life insurance policies. She also captained the boat and managed not to run us aground on a reef, and caught a large golden trevelly and 2 small sharks from the rocks using a hand line baited with mackerel.

No pics available because I was asleep in our tent, and Jo on croc watch at the top of the cliff had dozed off in her hammock so Ness's screams of 'get a camera, I have caught a fish' went unheard. Just as well she was not yelling ' Save me I am being eaten by a crocodile' I suppose.

From trek phase 3

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