Sunday, September 7, 2008

on to western australia

We have crossed another border and are now in WA- this time we managed to eat all our fruit and vegetables and only had a peeled onion and a jar of honey confiscated, although they did search all our lockers for cane toads ( none found).

Last night where we camped we met four lads in a clapped out old van who were distraught at discovering the fruit and vegetable quarantine regulations, and proceeded to consume over $130 worth of fresh provisions they had just purchased as their next week's rations.

We are trying to sort out a few trips from Kununurra to the Kimberleys and the Bungle Bungles ( if only because of the great name), so we are hoping the nice lady we met yesterday who fell in love with james dog really meant her offer to dog sit for a few days. She is a volunteer 'toadbuster' and I am hoping to enlist for a weekend catching cane toads. Ness the batrachophobic kiwi has declined the offer to join in the fun.

From trek phase 3

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