Sunday, September 14, 2008


We arrived in Broome yesterday.Founded in the late 1880's as a pearling port, the town is famous for Cable Beach, 22 km of pristine white sand on the Indian Ocean..

Unfortunately it is also the most dog unfriendly town we have visited with none of the caravan parks allowing pets, no boarding kennels apart from the local vets, and no free camping with accessible roads for Geoffrey. We were forced to backtrack and camp at a roadhouse 25 km from town. We met up with 2 cocker spaniels and their owners who we had not seen since Alice Springs but appear to be taking the same route as us, so we had a great evening camped out with the dogs complaining about being social pariahs.

The plan was to meet up with Jo who we met on our Arnhem Land trip, but I suspect we will not be seeing a great deal of Broome while we have ginger dog in tow.

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