Saturday, September 13, 2008

flights of fancy

The Kimberley Ranges and the Bungle Bungles are only accessible by serious 4WD vehicles or plane, so we booked a couple of flights to get a better look. We are getting pretty fearless about these trips and all was well until we met our first pilot, a diminutive kiwi girl who made Ness look large.

She was obviously fairly inexperienced, and too short to see over the cockpit dashboard- I think a booster cushion would have been a useful addition. Her constant use of maps and comments about not having done this trip before made my stomach start to churn even before we started to hit the thermals and were buffeted around alarmingly.

The route took us over the River Ord and north to the coast before crossing the Mitchell plateau and Mitchell Falls, with a lunch stop at a remote cattle station. The coastline was impressive but our pictures were somewhat blurred due to a combination of turbulence, wobbly plane handling and severe handshake!

From trek phase 3

Mitchell Falls were inspiring even in the dry season with minimal water flowing. The roads in are closed in the wet season, and flying is also hazardous, so not many people get to see them in full flow.

From trek phase 3
King George Falls complete with luxury yacht and helipad.

From trek phase 3

It was a relief to get back onto solid ground, and we were both extremely disappointed by the whole day.

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