Wednesday, September 24, 2008

a break from the road

We are now in Denham, Shark Bay. It is school holidays and Monday is a Bank Holiday in WA ( the Queen's birthday holiday yet again, old queenie has many of them it seems) so we decided to book in for a week to have a break from being on the road and await a pile of forwarded mail. Geoffrey is also having a much overdue spring clean.

It is the first time we have booked anywhere in advance, so here we are at The Seaside Tourist Village. The name should have been a warning, and they appear to have placed us in the car park, but I can see the Indian Ocean as I write this so life could be worse.

It is the most westerly caravan park in Australia, and we are here to find dolphins,turtles and dugongs.

Meanwhile disaster has struck- my ipod has exploded.While charging it became too hot to touch and has been malfunctioning ever since.Not only does that mean we are musicless while driving ( the cd player gave up the ghost several thousand kilometres ago) but I am behind with 'The Archers' and do not know what happened since Sabrina Thwaite entered a stolen fruit cake in the fruit and produce category at the Ambridge show.

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Anonymous said...

Better upload Ambridge to computer and buy a new iPod.
I would be suicidal. Where is your nearest Apple Store? Mine's 3 miles down the road, and no snakes, or sharks (well, maybe a different kind!).

Just back from Somerset, 48 hours of fresh air, fun and shopping.

Hugs to you all,