Saturday, September 13, 2008

brief update

This is a brief update as we have been travelling west at great speed and internet access has been sporadic. The temperature has exceeded 40 degrees for the past few days, so ourselves, the dog, and Geoffrey ( the Winnebago finally has a name) are melting.

As we drive we hear thwack, thump, crash as Winnebago components melt and drop to the ground. The toilet roll holder died a death a few days ago, and the adhesive holding the hooks for our mugs and assorted crockery has raised the white flag. The fridge has shed several components and I suspect that the bed mattresses are several inches thinner.

The plan is to head south along the coast road to Perth while Geoffrey is still semi-intact.

The Bungle Bungles and East Kimberley were phenomenal, and pics are still being processed. Toad-busting did not happen unfortunately, as we felt that we had to move on.

James dog had a good 2 days with the lovely Wendy who volunteered as a dog-sitter, and the bite wounds in her right ear are responding well to antibiotics ( Wendy was not to blame, james dog had a minor altercation with her friend's dog over a kitchen full of food).

We should be in Broome tomorrow, and blogging parameters may be favourable ie we will have reliable internet connection, our pics will have been uploaded, there will be time to blog, and I will be sober.

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