Tuesday, March 11, 2008

babes and boars

With some free time 'at home' before we head off on further travels it was time to catch up with some light reading. I happened upon a quality quarterly periodical 'Bacon Busters' the definitive guide to hunting pigs with dogs in Australia.

I was fortunate to get the edition containing the free 'Babes and Boars' calendar. March features Nicole, who loves pig shooting and getting down and dirty in the bush, and very lovely she looks too in her camo bikini sporting an extremely phallic rifle. I think that the recently slaughtered and heavily bleeding boar corpse is a creative and artful juxtaposition.

All the ladies featured 'like nothing better' than ripping pigs apart with huge dogs, shooting them, then celebrating with a raw steak and several pints of vodka. A Lara Croft physique ( with additional pneumatic breasts ) are a prerequisite, as is scanty clothing, a large knife, and light blood smearing. One assumes that in their spare time they also cook, clean, set up camp, look after the dogs, polish the ute, strip and reassemble the quad bike engine, and shag like nymphomaniac rabbits.

Even the dogs appear to have a dress code, and the men a penchant for baseball caps and blue nylon.

Eagerly awaiting the arrival of my 'Full of Grunt' T-shirt and matching baseball cap.

Meanwhile, the sausages were a raging success in Sydney, and in under 5 hours all 800 had been sold. This looks like the start of a thriving new enterprise- very funny to think that a few weeks ago we all sat round the dinner table and said 'better google sausage recipes then' and now the gourmet product is being enthused about by the eating public.

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