Wednesday, March 26, 2008

sick dogs

Still in the orchard in Mudgee- this time our attempts to depart have been thwarted by ginger dog who has been intermittently vomiting for over a week. Typical symptoms of a foreign body blockage as not responsive to medical treatment, so we had to take her into the clinic and Xray her abdomen. No obvious blockages found, so we are continuing to monitor her progress, but I suspect that further action may be needed.

She has not been sick for 36 hours, and is quite lively, so fingers crossed she is merely malingering. Problem is that she cannot take her oral medication ( arthritis and urinary incontinence ) so having to resort to injectable steroids for pain control- the upshot of this being a few bladder disasters. Not funny when living in a van.

Meanwhile any hopes of the promised blue eggs from Angelina the new chicken have been dashed as 'she' has started strutting and crowing and jumping the older ladies. A hasty rechristening, and now we have Brad the rooster.

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