Saturday, March 22, 2008

easter goat

The easter task this week was to ‘process’ the male goat in the herd who was superfluous to requirements- you may recall the castration episode a few months ago. I will refrain from going into too much detail, but the deed was performed by a lovely beardie type who appeared on a scooter with a goatskin bag containing a not terribly legal firearm and a large knife.

Recalling the days when I worked at Notts city abattoir enforcing all the minutiae of UK meat hygiene regulations it was surreal to watch a carcase being hoisted up on a tree branch outdoors and being skinned and gutted.

So today we had the job of converting the carcase into recognisable cuts of meat for the freezer while G distracted the children. They are beginning to work out where ‘meat’ comes from, but maybe are not at the stage yet of seeing a whole carcase appear from the barn for butchering.

I am not sure what a qualified butcher would make of our efforts, but I reckon that a team of veterinary surgeons did an impressive job of jointing and chopping. Not sure what ‘rack of goat’ will taste like but visually they look splendid, and I was very pleased with my dissection of a loin.

Any decent recipes for goat? Please let us know or it will be goat curry for weeks.

Also a big thank you for reading the blog, the landmark of 1000 hits was reached yesterday.

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