Saturday, March 15, 2008


The end of a thoroughly enjoyable weekend, with friends Jules & Vanessa over from Sydney for a spot of provincial living. This meant yet another winery crawl, but we went to some that to date we had not visited and restocked the Winnebago cellar.

The Pieter Van Gent winery was pure pleasure, with a superb setting of a cellar full of huge oak barrels lending a heady scent. Vanessa had visited 15 years ago and was keen to check it out again. More white port in the cellar!

Saturday night was the 4th Mudgee 'Mudfest' an outdoor short film festival staged at a local winery- a great venue, good collection of films, and catering by the Ormiston Free Range master sausage makers. A turn out of nearly 1000 people ( 10 % of the town's population ).

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