Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mardi Gras

After many years of wanting to be here for Mardi gras, we finally managed to attend. A friend booked a first floor restaurant so we had a fantastic view of the parade. At street level all the short people came armed with milk crates to stand on, but even that would not have been enough to see the action as the place was heaving. We did not have tickets for the all night party afterwards, but not sure we are up to all night raves these days.

Will load some pics when we get back- highlights were the opening 'dykes on bikes' and my favourite was the catholic gays with a very well constructed pope mobile. Gay super heroes from the planet 2010 were rather special- 'the fuchsia is pink'.

Off to do some tourist stuff today-we are planning to be bold and climb the harbour bridge, so should be some wobbly photos to display later.

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