Saturday, March 8, 2008

missing pig

A big day today for the free range pork enterprise- J & G are off to Sydney to promote the first sausages at a Mudgee Fine Foods promotion. Berkshire bangers have rolled off the production line and are about to wow the pork sausage wary Australian gastronomes.

The week did not go completely according to plan. Poor Gloria, the gilt who had a penchant for the ladies has consistently failed to get pregnant, and was the first to take the one way trip to the abattoir on Tuesday. The local butchers were supplied with bags of freshly ground herbs and spices and instructions on meat/fat ratios based on our intensive research and multiple sausage tastings.

By Friday afternoon said butchers were still waiting- Gloria had gone missing! Somehow the carcase had been misplaced and not made its way back from the abattoir. Frantic arrangements were made to get it here in time, and sausage production was only completed yesterday afternoon. J & G had to get up at 3 am this morning to collect, pack and wrap 800 sausages before the 4 hour drive to Sydney.

We did get to sample the first ones to roll off the production line and they are mighty fine. The Berkshire meat has lived up to all expectations.

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