Sunday, July 6, 2008


Moving further north to avoid the bad weather in south Victoria ( forecast rain every day this week apart from Thursday...when it will snow ) we arrived in Daylesford, a very foodie town where our mission was to suss out the free range pig farm competition at Fernleigh Organics. Not sampled the sausages yet ( in the freezer at the moment) but the saddleback pork leg roast we had last night was delicious. We also found a butcher who has been running his butchery and red deer farm for less than a year and we are looking forward to the saddle of venison with duck stuffing that we have stashed on board.

The whole town is very food and wine orientated, and the population appears to support a lot of ladies in sensible shoes with hand woven alpaca ethnic garments and fluffy pedigree dogs. There is a lakeside second hand bookshop and cafe which I spent ages in, and as a bonus the lake had water in it. The town has made it onto the list, and not only by virtue of its post office.

We are currently in Bendigo, a large city which also made its money out of gold mining. In fact there was more gold found here between 1850 and 1900 than anywhere else in the world. This led to enormous wealth in the city and the place is dominated with ostentatious victorian buildings including the biggest post office we have seen to date.

We are camping here tonight because we have excellent tv reception in the van and that means I can sit up tonight and enjoy the Wimbledon men's final live while tucked up in bed.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoyed the final, it was probably the best final I have ever seen. Lisa and I were torn as to who we wanted to win. Whilst I adore Federer, I also adored Borg and didn't want his 5 x Wimbledon champ record beat. It was a bittersweet moment. Borg looked relieved.....

Soo xx