Tuesday, July 1, 2008

warrnambool and whales

The final stop on the Great Ocean Road was Warrnambool, whale watching capital of Victoria. Southern right whales stop in the bay to give birth and then nurse their calves for several weeks before moving on to deeper oceans.

The day prior to our arrival there had been several sightings of a mother and calf, but when we arrived the weather was filthy and we spent a day getting cold and wet and no whale to be seen.
We decided to extend our stay another day, and were very lucky to get to see an 18 metre long female and her calf ( estimated to have been born 20 days ago).

The bay is very deep and the whales will come as close as 250 m to the viewing platform- we saw her about 800m off shore and she and the calf were in the bay for several hours. It was well worth waiting for, amazing animals.

Apologies to Terri for the picture quality, she was quite a distance away, I will try and attempt a close up video as requested next time!

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