Thursday, July 10, 2008

where the Darling meets the Murray

Wentworth is at the confluence of the Rivers Darling (2,740 km ) and Murray (2,530 km ), was once the busiest inland port in New South Wales, and was considered as the site for Australia's capital ( yet again one of the many many towns which stake that claim ).

It has a great museum- basically just an enthusiastic bloke with a shed and a bizarre collection of stuff.The Perry Sandhills, 400 acres of sandscape, were much enjoyed by james dog.

Charles Sturt 1830

'We were again roused to action by the boat suddenly striking upon a shoal, which reached from one side of the river to the other. To jump out and push here into deeper water was but the work of a moment with the men, and it was just as she floated again that our attention was withdrawn to a new and beautiful stream ( the Darling ), coming apparently from the north......
As soon as we got above the entrance of the new river, we found easier pulling, and proceeded up it for some miles, accompanied by the once more noisy multitude.........An irresistible conviction impressed me that we were now sailing on the bosom of that very stream from whose banks I have been twice forced to retire. I directed the Union Jack to be hoisted, and giving way to our satisfaction, we all stood up in the boat, and gave three distinct cheers........The eye of every native had been fixed upon that noble flag, at all times a beautiful object, and to them a novel one, as it waved over us in the heart of a desert. I laid it down as the Murray River, in compliment to the distinguished officer, Sir George Murray, who then presided over the colonial department, not only in compliance with the known wishes of his Excellency General Darling, but also in accordance with my own feelings as a soldier..'

Fiona & Vanessa 2008

We arrived at the confluence of the Murray and Darling, the weather was most tiresome with a relentless westerly wind, and we were sorely vexed. We stoked the fires of the vehicle, made a ration of tea, and cooked French sweet pastry items from our provisions.

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