Tuesday, July 1, 2008

limestone features

There are many stops along the Great Ocean Road where the magnificent limestone stacks, arches and bridges can be observed so we made slow progress along the coast over the last few days. The weather got windier and wetter, bringing into play the word 'bracing' ( an adjective invented by people who love the sea and who use it to pretend to others that there is some mystical reason why they should enjoy high speed facial dermabrasion while attempting to stay upright and avoid hypothermia).

Below the 'Twelve Apostles' ( only eight left standing now)

There are approximately 80 shipwrecks along this stretch of coast. Maybe the sailors should pay more heed to the enormous lumps of solid rock, they are not hard to spot.

Below is 'London Bridge' which was a double arched feature until 1990 when the arch closest to the mainland collapsed. You have to feel somewhat sorry for the two people who had just crossed it as they were stranded for several hours until a helicopter rescued them from the very newly created island.

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