Saturday, January 26, 2008

Australia Day

Jan 26 th is Australia Day, so it is a much celebrated public holiday weekend. Equine influenza has been eradicated in the Mudgee area ( the days of boiling in the biohazard suit were not in vain ) so there was a race meeting at the Mudgee race track.

I have never been to the races before. Our betting system based on close and informed veterinary professional examination of the horses in the parade ring resulted in last place in the first race, so we re-examined our system and devised another one. Our second method, based on choosing a female jockey wearing colours that resembled the Scottish flag netted 3rd place. James claims victory by betting on a winner, but as it was only a 3 horse race and he bet on 2 of the runners, I am not sure that his 50 cent profit was entirely honourable.

The place was packed with people, and we met up with friends and roasted in the fierce sun. Apparently on Australia Day the wearing of thongs and drinking beer from stubbies is mandatory so we were more than happy to oblige. The atmosphere was brilliant, a real family occasion. We tried to persuade Vanessa to enter the pie-eating competition as she has had months of experience now but she declined. Most upset we arrived too late for the thong-throwing competition.

Dress code varied from Ascot style frocks and hats through to shorts and singlets.-not a top hat to be seen.

See slideshow for more pics.

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