Sunday, January 20, 2008

Flight path

For the last few nights we have experienced the 8.30 pm fly past of hundreds of fruit bats. Apparently the red fruit bat is currently migrating from Queensland and has taken a detour through Mudgee. They do not like grapes very much so our vineyards are safe from disaster, and they appear to be dining on eucalyptus flowers.

Several hundred flew over last night as we were outside enjoying the end of the rain and a tipple or two. I suspect a night safari with the powerful torch may be on the cards tonight- I will try to be brave as I find bats rather scary. Having spent an hour in my pyjamas sitting under a tree in the pitch dark last week to get a picture of Rolf I am not sure if I will repeat the exercise for a bat pic. Dedicated though I am to my readership, getting showered in bat poo may be a step too far.
Maybe I could see if fairdinkum sheds do a non-daggy portable wildlife photographer's shed.

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