Sunday, January 6, 2008

Red wine and spiders

Not a great deal to report, no rain since Christmas and very hot today. J & G have returned, so we have no farm duties today. We celebrated their return with far too much red wine last night, so we are camping out in the van watching tennis on the tv with the aircon running.

A lesson learnt- do not sit outdoors until midnight drinking. We are both covered in mosquito bites, itchy, irritable and hot. Ventured into house at midday to make brunch, only to spot the large and hairy leg of a huntsman sticking out from under the dining room pelmet. Biggest yet, the size of an outstretched palm. Way too hungover to deal with it, so we screamed like girls until an equally fragile James dealt with it ( insect spray and a vacuum cleaner was the method of choice).

Doing my first day as a locum on Wednesday, so need to research symptoms of snake bite, tick paralysis, heartworm, and all the other obscure things that creatures suffer from over here.

Vanessa is reading out snippets from the Australian reptile book as I type this. I think we are becoming obsessive

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