Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tour de Mudgee

Been a busy week, so the blog has been somewhat neglected. Just spent 2 days at work which has been manically busy, and I am feeling decidedly pleased with myself for managing the 8km trip to work and back on the newly acquired bicycle. Those of you who know me well obviously realise that under the deceptive dumpy exterior there lurks a finely tuned athlete so will not be at all shocked by this lifestyle change.

Vanessa has meanwhile been touting the Winnebago around town organising autoelectricians to fit 12 volt sockets in more sensible places, and aerial technicians to fix up our shoddy tv reception. The lovely people in Dick Smith electricals have supplied me with a 12 volt laptop adapter so now instead of firing up the petrol generator to boost the rubbish batteries I can use all the lovely energy generated by the van's solar panels. This is officially now a green blog!

Last night a baby possum arrived at 'Possum Towers', a tiny cute chap.He has a pink button nose, a black moustache and thick black eyebrows so we had to christen him 'Groucho'.

Will update tomorrow with tales of my veterinary escapades- need to go and watch the tennis semi-finals.

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