Monday, January 14, 2008

Rite of passage

It had to happen soon, so I guess that it is a relief in a way- this morning I saw my first snake. A red bellied black, fair to middling on the venomous scale ( as in, you could die if it bit you but would probably survive).

The worrying aspect is that the farm is 150 acres and we wander around it regularly, and where was the snake? In the garden obviously.

James and I were deciding where to position an irrigation system for the newly planted trees, snake was in the mulch at the base of one of the trees. It slithered under a bush ( a bush I pruned a few weeks ago ) so we threw the three dogs indoors, donned our wellies, and prodded the bush with a big shovel. It shot out and disappeared into the field.

Kids have had a lecture on appropriate garden footwear, and I have returned to the van with James Dog to watch the Australian Open Tennis in a cowardly fashion. The next few weeks are the height of the snake season so extra vigilance required.

Not as scary as I thought it would be, they obviously try to avoid any human contact if possible, but a worry that it was where the dogs and the children play. Just another thing to get used to but I may not be gardening for a while, and will be picking vegetables with extreme caution- the risks of sourcing your five a day!

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