Wednesday, January 2, 2008

More perils

The clips below have been selected from local newspapers this week. I am already getting an idea about how ridiculously dangerous this country can be, but articles like these make me wonder just what we were thinking of coming here!

Carpet python? Fear not, it is a misnomer. This 2 metre snake is only named thus because it has a pattern like a 1950's axminster. Phew, it does not live on my carpet then? No you silly non-Australian person,it lives on your ceilings.

Maybe the poor lady in question should have thought long and hard about booking a holiday away from the lovely sounding Deception Bay.

As for the fairy grass- beseiged in your own home due to a piece of vegetation. I thought we only had to be wary of the fauna, not the flora as well. I do hope poor Mrs. Ripani has found a safe way to launder her husband's clothes, and if she had to resort to an indoor drying rack suspended from the ceiling that she checked carefully for carpet snakes.

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