Thursday, January 10, 2008

By dingo!

Well, 2 days into the locum stint at the local practice, and it has been an experience. Felt like being transported back in time to the RSPCA hospital in the mid 80's, both in quality of equipment and drugs, and insane throughput of creatures. James reckoned was like being in a military field hospital.....incoming wounded!

Really nice bunch of people, but getting used to the drugs, parasites, and scary conditions and scarier dogs has been a challenge. I had been warned about Australian cattle dogs and their erratic temperaments, but was not prepared for 60 kg mastiff x great danes ( no muzzle big enough available ) , pig dogs, and dingo x cattle dogs ( nastiest piece of work I have seen for years). So many breeds I am failing to recognise but I am getting better at sorting out the kelpies from the cattle dogs, and nodding knowledgeably about them on examination.

One cat currently paralysed and on intravenous fluids for snake bite, jack russell on intensive treatment for strange neurological symptoms- snake or spider bite. It is that obsessive theme again!

Favourite comment of the week..... 'Can you go and see the next patient in the car park, he has been suspended by his scrotum on a barbed wire fence all night and is unable to walk. You cannot miss them, it is the malamute in a ute'

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Lovely's Blot said...

Great to see your blog as well! Will read thoroughly! My brother has an enormous (and unpredictable) marmara (Italian sheep dog). We were all on holiday in the Alps a couple of years ago and it bounded off poking its nose in and out of rocks as we walked up the mountain. All of a sudden it lept up and yelped. As we walked on the dog got slower and slower and its nose grew to the size of a small football. My brother had to run down the mountain to get the car (as the dog was too big to carry) while we desperately tried to learn the French for 'I think the dog has been bitten by a snake'! The dog survived and my brother rushed it to the French vet (who did not seem to think it such an emergency as we did). The dog's nose eventually went down after a few weeks and he was definately quieter for a few days..but did he learn? No of course not!