Thursday, February 21, 2008

beach life

Another 270 km added to the total over the last 2 days. We are happily trundling up the coast and we are about 200km south of Sydney. Much more built up now and a lot more traffic, and most of the beaches are within National Parks so the dog situation getting desperate.We need to train her to sleep quietly in the shower cubicle while we try to smuggle her through checkpoints.

However we have found some dog friendly beaches and she had a great day today...thanks to Barb for the inside information.

We are now in tick paralysis country....yet another miniscule creature on this continent armed with 'weapons of mass destruction' grade toxins which can cause insidious paralysis and death in dogs when bitten. Consequently ginger dog is being systemically poisoned with Frontline, which needs to be reapplied whenever she has a swim ( ie daily ) and has a grooming session nightly to ensure no ticks have hitched a lift.

Yet another error by the Creator when designing this particular parasite- hope he added a note in red pen in the margin of the Creation manual. 'Note to self; parasites must not be armed with sufficient toxin to kill the host, not conducive to survival of parasite'.

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