Friday, February 8, 2008

chocks away

We are getting way too comfortable here. Great free campsite, even better company, and as much veterinary work as I need to keep the bank balance happy. Clients are starting to recognise me in the supermarket.

So we have decided to make the break this week and head south. This will be weather dependent as most of NSW seems to be flooding at the moment- we timed our arrival well after 7 years of severe drought.

Plan is to mooch along the coast, heading back to Sydney for Mardi Gras at beginning of March. Some friends have booked a 1st floor restaurant so we will have a good view of the street parade.

Blog entries will be more sporadic as internet access not great inland- my provider covers 93% of the population, however as 90% of the population is squished around the coast this is still somewhat restrictive.

Will try to work out how to publish a google map of our route so you can all work out just which river the Winnebago has been swept away in.

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