Monday, February 11, 2008

not for the vegetarians

The pigs are rapidly approaching slaughter weight, J & G invested in some heavy duty scales and yesterday the piglets were weighed. Just as well because in the first week of March they have their first food gig providing premium Ormiston sausages in large volumes in Sydney.

Over the weekend we have been experimental chefs working on said sausage recipe. Some surprising results- the rusk of breadcrumbs was outshone by the rice flour ( gluten free ) option in flavour and texture, so looks like all produce will be accidentally gluten free. Still balancing the sage and secret blend of herbs and spices and adding in chives and other things from the veg patch.

Last night we set to work actually extruding sausage recipe 1 ( the ‘Berkshire Banger’) into natural intestine skins and dined on the prototype. They were fantastic, despite much red wine and lewd jokes about the aesthetics of the whole process. They looked and tasted like premium sausages, it was an historic occasion. Bearing in mind we were using bog standard pork from the local butcher, the finished product with the Berkshires should lift the flavour to another dimension.

Today the kids have been taken away for the morning and the three of us are going to ‘process’ a couple of ducks and maybe a goose. Not sure how we will hide the evidence or explain the diminished numbers….will leave that to the parents.

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