Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Strewth! What a beaut ute

I have finally been initiated into Australian rural life....the delightful people at Mudgee Vet Hospital have given this sheila some wheels. Introducing 'Skippy' the girlie ute. Please note James dog doing a pretty good impression of a pig dog.

Been a busy 3 days at work, and the initiation continued when I treated my first baby roo, a hand reared orphan. Would not have been overly professional to take photos or skip around the consulting room shouting ' I am touching a real live roo' but it was tempting.

Meanwhile the sunflowers Ness lovingly sowed by hand are now flowering, helped enormously by the constant rain of the last few days. I am now used to the Monday morning conversation here- not 'had a nice weekend?' but 'how many inches?'. Thanks to James and his rain gauge fixation, I not only understand the question but have the answer.

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