Sunday, February 3, 2008

Divine Alchemy

Back at work- they really are a great bunch of people to work with. The most recent snake bite case was an easy one to diagnose with a large swollen bite wound on the side of the face and a dead black snake next to the dog. First one I have seen where owner was willing to spend the money on anti-venom therapy so will be interesting to see how it goes- a 24 hour delay in seeking treatment goes against us, but will keep you informed on progress. The black snake has a very nasty toxin which not only attacks the neurological system but also has an evil anticoagulant, so she is peeing blood at the moment.

I really do not understand what the Almighty was playing at when some of these Aussie creatures were created – this snake preys on frogs and small rodents, so what the Hell does it want with venom that can kill a 50kg dog, or an even bigger human? It only needs to disarm a frog. A frog….a few grams of unarmed squidgy amphibian.

I think the celestial chemistry set had only just been opened, and this continent was just an experimental session before the sensible creatures were created. Either that or the 7th day was nigh and quality control went out of the window.

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