Sunday, February 3, 2008

Update from the pig farm

We have had a busy 3 days farm and child sitting while J & G have been away in Melbourne. The animals were easy, but we ventured out of our comfort zone in volunteering to look after 2 youngsters. They were exceptionally well behaved, and Vanessa appears to have acquired maternal skills from somewhere, but it is exhausting work, and I will be happy to go to work for the next 3 days as an easier option.

After the work commitments the wagon is ready to roll, all modifications now in place, handy extra 12 volt sockets fitted and tv aerial fixed so in flight entertainment available when the weather is being unfriendly.

Amazing weather earlier this week- over 35 degrees in the afternoon, so hot that walking down the street was an effort, followed in the evening by a storm and very large hailstones. Apparently 2 years ago an epic hailstorm destroyed most of the tiled roofs in a couple of Mudgee streets. While I was out vaccinating horses I met a builder who had had 2 years worth of work replacing all the roofs with metal ones after the storm, and was quietly praying for another one. Not sure how the Winnebago would deal with one of that severity, cars were dented and crumpled like aluminium cans. I suspect the solar panels would be totally destroyed.

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